And Everything And Nothing

And Everything and Nothing

We sat and we talked about it.

words – flung in the air like daffodil seeds,

like the infamous elephant, filled up the room

remember when you killed the sunshine, and presented me with doom?

when you walked out and came back different.

when you gripped my hand; fists tight,

heart bent, love falling and time spent,

and let it go again

I remember happiness hiding under the couch,

crouched to make her escape

as we battled with words stained with anger

so red it blocked our view.

she (happiness) stepped out of her shoes and onto the sill.

a deep breath, closed eyes, then…

I blamed you for my fleece stained black from following you through darkness

(you are Mary I the lamb,) no longer quite as white as snow;

you blame me for your dull edge and your timelessness,

a knight! coddled by love! And addicted to sighs in the night

and moans!

still… I can never not say I love;

a double edged negative like irony is a double edges sword.

ironic that I am mixed in my affections towards your up and downiness,

that your circular reflex sense is both organised and sanityless,

that our love is the same as our not hate the same way my love is my hate,

the same way the universe is many things and one thing,

and everything and nothing.


When Ondi Madete is not contemplating the the selfish and greedy nature of the corporate capitalistic machine that is Kenya, she frees her soul through art, music, literature and storytelling. She is a lover of kinky hair, colourful clothes and justice. She sings in the band Yellow Light Machine, runs an event services business known as Ndio Kweli and also organizes Kiota every few months, an event that seeks to share and bring together Nairobi’s creative community. When she’s not writing full time for UP Magazine she writes for, and