Issue 1

jpec edition

Among The Shadows by Kevin Rigathi
The Soulless by Peter Nena
The Fracturing by Wairimu Muriithi
Hubishi na Akuzikaye by Ondi Madete
A War of Harmony by Kevin Rigathi
Bad Bodies by K.G. Nderitu
The Tunnel by Peter Nena
And Everything And Nothing by Ondi Madete
Stolen Parts by Kevin Rigathi
Lovebird by Olivia Kidula
They were, They are and They Always will be by Andy Awiti
Second Chances (A Stolen Parts Story) By Kevin Rigathi


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NB: If you are reading on an android device i would suggest avoiding Aldiko Reader. ¬†For some reason the ebook doesn’t render very well on it. It worked well on every other reader i tried though

Confused human trying to find a path.