Rhyme & Reason

RHYME & REASON By Melchizedek Muya

I could always make her laugh

In a nerdy way, I made jokes about math

Which was funny because I was into art

And she was an electrical engineer

But still I chuckled at the things that set her apart

I’d just never met a nerd who was into heart

I’m into freedom, I’m into justice, I like people”

I like bagels, I like beanies, I like Sigel”

I spat the coffee out of my mouth when I heard that

I was embarrassed I had asked if she had ever heard rap

I said “I can pen but I never wrote that hun”

She just kinda shrugged, “if you can make jokes about math, I can make that pun”

We used to laugh a lot cause I thought she was beautiful

And most days she reduced it to evolutionary principles

The birds and the bees, I wrote a poem about it

Two sentient simians sitting in a tree,

I called it Kay aye S.S. aye and G.

It got rejected at a recital, she said it was because of the juvenile title

“‘A blind unguided process to prevent losses in species’ would have been safer”

I said I’d call it that if she used mine for an academic paper.

Until one day she just came out and said it

You’re the rhyme to my reason.”

The moment of its placement made me just have to smile at the statement.

Jess I love you too.”

Melchizedek Muya

My name is Melchizedek or Muya. I went to school for a dual degree in finance and management. I am an appreciator of science and I am specifically fascinated by the inherent irony of building belief based on a pervasive ideology that very few people realize purports to presuppose no assumptions. I am also an artist at heart. My mind has a tendency to break down concepts and see ideas in their purest, neatest form. My heart has a proclivity to build up using these very same concepts. I succeed and I fail.

When I was in high school I created a character and it became an inside joke with my friends. He was a superhero named “Human Boy”. It was funny because what set him apart was that he had no actual superpowers, he was just a guy. Human Boy couldn’t really save anyone because he was everyone. And yet special because in him was the impetus to be different because he was the same. He was a beacon for the unexceptional, inspiration for the Everyman within each one of us, the strength within the frailty of the human condition. Because no matter how extraordinary we may or may not be or become, we remain ultimately human.

I’m Muya aka Human Boy aka just a guy